The Santa Flower

Notice the resemblance, so many Santa Claus 🙂

Strange but True, Shot/Bumped across this wild flower on Christmas Eve 2013, while roaming in a Mangrove Jungle, Was missing the festivities  and then As if Nature wanted to  wish us Merry Christmas! Wow!

May be I wanted to see Santa Claus and was noticing in them ,but hey it has some resemblance ..right?  Why not  name this as a Santa Flower!  not sure if there is any?

Santa Claus Flower on  Christmas_2013

The plant belongs to the genus  Tamarix, which has 40-50 flowering species ,found mainly in dry parts of Eurasia & Africa, In kutch this is locally known as “LAI

One More Shot Below!

Santa FLower



When the flower has fully blossomed!

Santa Flower blossoming