Iora,That Little Yellow Bird!

Iora are a small family of four perching/song birds found in India & South East Asia

  • Common Iora, Aegithina tiphia (Found in the Indian Subcontinent)
  • Marshall’s Iora, Aegithina nigrolutea (India & Sri Lanka)
  • Green Iora, Aegithina viridissima (Near Threatened, Found in Brunei ,Indonesia,Myanmar Thailand ,Singapore)
  • Great Iora, Aegithina lafresnayei (China,Laos,Cambodia,Malaysia,Myanmar,Vietnam & Thailand)


Below, A common Iora in flight, probably one of the best shot of this little species as told by some photographer friends, a very active bird.

Common Iora

Sitting on a PerchConman IoraEating a bugCommon Iora_Caught a BugMarshal’s Iora has a prominent white tail, Adult females of both species (Common & Marshal’s Iora) are entirely green above, Male have black colored cap.Iora_FemaleOn a berry treeCommon Iora