“The Great Indian Species”- Only on Paper!

There are very few wildlife species ,probably 3 , which has the Sub Title “Great Indian” ,

-Great Indian Rhinocorus

-Great Indian Bustard

-Great Indian Hornbill

All 3 are on the verge of extinction,Notably the Great Indian Bustard aka”GIB”  and the Great Indian Hornbill, both hovering in the range of 200 individuals ,surviving pockets of habitat in parts of India. The Rhinocorus primarily in the North East have shown positive signs of revival.

The question is, are we going to honor these species only on paper or seriously do something to ensure at least they survive for the next generation to see.

You can spot GIB in Gujarat (GIB Sanctuary Naliya, 40) and Rajasthan (Desert NationalPark,50), GIHB in Wester Ghats