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The Big Cats of India, Where to Face Them

India is Blessed with 5 Big and other smaller Cat Species, Most of them are restricted to national park, reserve forests and sanctuaries. -Asiatic Lion, Current Count:500 -Royal Bengal Tiger, Current Count: 3000 (inflated...


“The Great Indian Species”- Only on Paper!

There are very few wildlife species ,probably 3 , which has the Sub Title “Great Indian” , -Great Indian Rhinocorus -Great Indian Bustard -Great Indian Hornbill All 3 are on the verge of extinction,Notably...


The Vanishing Vultures of India

Once a common site across India , the Vulture population has shrunk to few thousands with few vulture species numbers in  hundreds…….. yes in hundreds. The bird which tried to stop “Ravan” form taking “Sita”...