Green Bee-Eater Photo-Shoot

The Green Bee-eater also known as the Little Green Bee-Eater is a fascinating bird.

Richly colored,slender & pacey.

This is an abundant and fairly tame bird found in India.They are mainly insect eaters and are found in grassland, thin scrub and forest often quite far from water. Several regional plumage variations are known and several subspecies have been named.

Sharing some shots , This is my GO TO Bird for sharpening  bird photography skills 🙂

green bee-eater roosting

Green Bee-Eater roosting in the winter morning at Chari Dandh Wetland ,Kutch

bee eater pair

Pair scanning 360 degrees for food.

beeeater spots the target

Target Spotted & locked (Above & Below Pic)

beeeater lock the target

Back To the Perch



Can you spot/make out the In-built Racer’s helmet 🙂 (above pic)

Bee-Eater -so light