Ethnicity & Race at 2016 Rio Olympics

“Sports is great binder & leveler it teaches respect for all”

The idea got planted when I switched on my TV for the 2016 Euro Cup opening match, For a second looking at the French team in the match i got confused whether it was an Afro cup.


Does Race or Ethnicity has relationship on how you perform in a particular sport, What Inherent Traits stand out with a particular race/ethnicity/group of people which might tilt a particular sport in their  favor.



Olympics was my chance to analyze this and it has to be driven by data and analytical techniques. The findings/observation/indication shared in the article are solid. So the winner here is not USA,Britain or China but a Race/Ethnic Group due to the specific traits they posses more than the others

Classifying Each Sports Based on Bio-Motor Trait/Ability

Went through each sport and based on what human Motor ability/trait  is most needed categorized them as: Strength (physical), Speed, Endurance, Coordination/Mental Strength & Mix of these

Classification of Sports

How to read the sample chart…. The trait needed most is highlighted in green, the  2nd most trait needed is highlighted as yellow and the 3rd most is in Red. A particular sport may need a unique trait  (i.e Shot Put ) or a combination of traits (i.e Rugby Seven).

The Point System  (weightage)

~2300 individual athletes won medals (either Gold/Silver/Bronze) in Individual or Team Events. Here each athletes medal,countries cultural inclination to the sport, each countries sporting infra,each countries  is accounted.

  • Individual Gold Medal=5 Points , Individual Silver=3, Individual Bronze=1
  • Team Gold=10 Points, Team Silver=6, Team Bronze=2
  • High Cultural Inclination/History/Origins/Historical Wins/Idols=-1 ( points)
  • Sporting Infrastructure/Money per Athlete= -1 (Negative Points)
  • High Population=-1 (Negative Points)

Why Infra,Population & The Sports History in the Country…. i.e To compare Afro American Athletes with African Athletes in a particular event it is fair to factor in Infrastructure behind the athlete.


The Races/Ethnic Groups

Well there are  4 broad races, but Olympics is no fun without maximum participation and teams hence included as many ethnic groups I could research based on modern era.

WIP…..please visit in next 2 days for complete analysis……