Status of the Indian leopard-2021

Leopard population is 50 % higher than number assessed in the report on Status of Leopard in India (2018) Recently, a report on “Status of leopard in India”, prepared by the Tiger Conservation Authority and Wildlife Institute of India, Dehradun was released in 2020. In fact, this report is for status of leopard in the

2015-Asiatic Lion Census-Results

14th Asiatic Lion Census in Gir Lion Conservation Landscape Asiatic lion counting has been done at interval of every five years. The fourteenth Asiatic lion counting was conducted during 2nd May to 5th May 2015 in entire lion distribution range in four districts and also in the neighbouring areas where the animals occasionally visit. As


Stranger than Fiction-A Leopard and motherly Cow

Stranger than fiction Advance science has no explanation for some of the mysteries of nature; only Almighty knows. Unprecedented strange relationships between a wild leopard and its prey-the cow observed in Antoli village in Vadodara district in Gujarat was one of such unbelievable mysteries.   The story begins in the summer, just after author’s joining

Most beautiful Indian Antelope, The Blackbuck

Probably the most beautiful Indian Antelope. Near Threatened probably around 50K left in the wild,mostly in India. Just a quick tip for folks  who wish to capture such territorial fights between males, I got from the local Ranger, It begins with two males looking at each other with there tail up, air being pumped out from nostrils,