Most beautiful Indian Antelope, The Blackbuck

Probably the most beautiful Indian Antelope. Near Threatened probably around 50K left in the wild,mostly in India.

Just a quick tip for folks  who wish to capture such territorial fights between males, I got from the local Ranger,

It begins with two males looking at each other with there tail up, air being pumped out from nostrils, hold your ground with the camera ……it will happen soon :).

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Blackbuck territorial fight, Velavadar National Park
Blackbuck territorial fight, Velavadar National Park


Below a Juvenile Jumping,



Below, Rare Albino White Blackbuck

Rare White Albino
Rare White Albino




Hunted in the past & the numbers are Haunting us now, The Velavadar National Park near Vadodara Gujarat has the largets population of this beautiful Antelope, please visit.